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Golf Shoes are as Important as Your Clubs

A personal recommendation:

Shoes have been called the foundation of a good golf swing, a point I will not argue. What I would suggest is playing any sport with the proper shoe to support your feet. Not only should you look at price and comfort, but the construction of the shoe. In all fairness most salespeople are not trained to know the difference. Their training is sales.

A common foot problem for golfers, that can be avoided, is called neuroma, or a pinched nerve, at the bottom of the foot. It typically occurs between the third and fourth toes. It's caused by the repeated weight transfer to the front foot that takes place in the follow-through.

One misconception I experienced was only buying shoes of a major brand name in Golf, and not understanding what I should be looking for in a good golf shoe. My confidence was more in the name of the manufacture than the construction of the shoe. Also price. My way of finding the best was to pick the ones that cost the most. It does not work that way. It is up to you and me to find out what is best for us.

To better describe how to select a good pair of golf shoes is to take a pair of "new" shoes hold the left shoe in your right hand and twist the heel to the left and the front toe area of the shoe to the right. A good golf shoe will be firm (little give). Only after that simple test put them on your feet for comfort.

Now it is important to the health of your feet to continue to test your shoes. I have had some really good shoes, especially comfortable, break down after only a few weeks of wear. Appearance alone is not a way to measure wear.. test them. Keep your reciept and do not be embrassed to return them if they break down early. Check the warrantity.

The shoes I wear, and I have tired many, are manufactured by Adidas and FootJoy. If I was to choose between the two brands it would be, my opinion, FootJoy. FootJoy wins because of comfort, endurance, style, and a level of trust I have when wearing them.

Time to let you in on a little insite that you may not be aware.

FootJoy has really stepped it up for golfers. Build your own.

How many times have you sat down and tried on golf shoes, only to be told, "Sorry, we're out of that color and size right now." Or worse, that they don't even stock the exact color and width you prefer in a high-end shoe. If you're going to pay all that money, why settle for less than exactly what you want? The new MyJoys program should take some of the potluck out of purchasing top-of-the-line golf shoes. How about those that have a different foot size between your right and left? Squeeze one foot? Not if you go to FootJoy's website and build your own.

We do not live in a prefect world where one size fits all. So FootJoy has the answer for you and me. Go to their website and pick your shoe, size, model, colors, and maybe even do as I did put your logo or name on the heels.

  • Fit-bed --Also, if you're like me and add inserts, or replaceable fit-beds, for additional comfort, support or a more precise fit, you'll be happy to know that FootJoy offers removable fit-beds in all of their shoes.

  • Size chart -- Another huge advantage to the MyJoys program is the incredible size chart. With sizes ranging from 4XN through 17XXW, they truly have golf shoes for almost every player. For those with sizes that are not very common, the process of finding not only your size, but shoes that also look great, can be frustrating. With MyJoys, you can find several styles in your size and then customize them exactly how you want with printed leathers, patent leathers, team logos and personalization. You can even pick up some spikeless shoes for every day wear. You should also know that every pair of MyJoys is built specifically for you, from scratch, and delivered in 2-4 weeks.

  • MyJoys Colors - The team at FJ launched another tool this week to help you select the ideal pair of shoes. Called MyJoys Colors, you can now select your favorite color and see all the available custom combinations with that specific color. Needless, to say, selecting "blue" returned hundreds of results in cleated and spikeless options!

Read more: Visit their website today and order a pair. Click Here: My Joys

It is a small commitment to protect your feet. Your game and feet will thank you.

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