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Doug Berger

  • High Handicapper
  • North Texas PGA Volunteer
  • USGA Volunteer
  • Founder of Senior Golfer US
  • a membership covering over
  • 25 States and growing

    Putting Tips from Doug

    I have been around golf for a number of years as a Player, Tournament, PGA, USGA. Volunteer, You would be safe in saying I love the game. My background makes it easy to relate to those starting out playing golf. Not much that you can say that I have not seen or experienced.

    Putting is an extremely important part of the game, but probaly the least practiced. Most of us consider pratice is lining up on a driving range banging 100's of balls. Then packing up and feeling good about ourselves that we praticed. Then when the game is on the line and we sweat over a three foot putt there is little wonder that we tense up. Let me relate one story for an example.

    I mentioned I love playing, and I love it even more when there is a wager, or playing a tournament. Once a year a local golf course has a very prestigious "Ryder Cup Tournament", by invitation only. Two 12 man teams. Two years in a row the out-come of the match rested on me sinking a three foot putt. Simple? Not hardly, adding to the pressure both teams circled the green waiting for my putt.

    Both years I missed the putt, and cost my team the match.

    So here is my putting tip. Learn to relax, when the tension is high - learn to distract yourself from all those negative thoughts by "counting" to yourself is one.

    We, (meaning me wanting to blame others) often look at the Pro's checking for the breaks that may impact his/her putt. We notice how carefully they read the green.

    NO they are relaxing or trying to relax from the tremmendous pressure. As I should have done during that last three foot putt two years in a roll. I could have gone all year and not missed that putt that haunts me even today. Add pressure and putting is a whole new story to be told.

    A golfer that knows how to properly putt (knock the ball in the hole) can putt with about any putter you put in their hand. A golfer that continues to miss putts (bad putter) need not search for a different putter, they need to learn to putt.

    Lastly, please don't go looking for that perfect putter.. it is not the putter that makes the putt. That comment was the old me. Now I say finding the right putter for you is like looking for the best ball that fits "your" game. For many long years that, for me, has been the Odessy Sabertooth. Now I am seeing a new one that has big potential for me.

    I will be updating this page and offer results of my test.

    Notice I do not write anything that reflects negative on any of the industry talented manufacters. If something does not work for me does not mean it may be a treasrue for you. It is about being the best you can be. Members will be updated by email. So join today you do not have to be a Senior to join - You will be a Senior before you know. JOIN TODAY CLICK HERE

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