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Golf Balls are as Important as Your Clubs

Golfers have always looked for a golf ball that fits their swing. Of the many fine choices my personal choice is the Bridgestone 330rxs, Callaway Chrome, and Callaway Supersoft. I am sure others may have a preference for another ball, but these three are mine.

We are lucky to have so many choices, and for me it was hard to decide. To help make the decision I went to a local Golfsmith store, and the manager (someone I know) set me up in a hitting area with all the latest and greatest equipment for testing the performance of golf equipment. I was interested in the best golf ball for me. My swing speed is important to measure. Golf ball manufactures have testing down to a science using a mechanical arm, ECT. Still my interest is me as a Senior Golfer.

Before I go on about the test let me say this from my personal experience as a Senior Golfer who wants be the best I can be playing golf. Equipment is important, and a golf ball is an important piece of our equipment. Now I know many Senior Golfers will say something like “I play what I find”. We see them with a ball retriever fishing for golf ball from a water hazard. I used to be one, but now I prefer to play golf, and let others do the fishing.

Thanks to the many golf manufactures golf ball are not that expensive to buy a “quality” ball. For example the Callaway Supersoft is under $23.00 a dozen.

Now back to the resuults of my testing.

My swing speed was consistent so then I was looking at ball performance. The Bridgestone RXS, and the Callaway Chrome, for me, had the same spin rate, launch angle, and distance. So then it was which had the better feel, and they both were tied. So we have a toss up. The play on the course makes the difference. To me, and anyone can be different for me I liked the Bridgestone B330rx over the Callaway Chrome. When I start out fresh my swing speed is higher, and the Bridgestone seems to fly down the middle with good distance. I have called many different golf ball manufactures, and for those that say compression does not matter I strongly disagree.

However, again I only speak for me, I fatigue easily mostly due to a heart condition that does not give me a quick recovery. If I could take about a 30 min break I would be OK, but think of the pace of play. Ha-Ha

I tired many different methods of handling fatigue. It seems the body knows when fatigue sets in and we swing harder to make up for the lack of swing speed. Sorry to say it does not work swinging hard only makes it harder and score goes up. The other choice is to just let your handicap grow, and that would offset fatigue. However I do not like to rely on handicap. So…

Now when fatigue sets in hands down I reach for the Callaway Supersoft. The ball is easy to compress with about a 40> compression, 65 for the RXS, and Chrome. Some have asked why don't you just play the Supersoft. My answer is simple everytime I try to adjust my swing speed up or down the results are not pretty. I feel better adjusting the ball to match my swing speed. For the many golfer that do not have to adjust during the round my hats off to them and I am jealous. Yes, stick with one ball.

Compression, for me, gives a much feel off the club head. Spin rate was pretty much equal with the exception of side spin and the Supersoft won that difference with a much lower side spin. Add the excellent feel, ball flight, straightness, and more distance at a slower swing speed. When I say more distance I mean I can hit (when my swing speed drops) the lower compression ball further, and better control with a low compression ball, conversely I hit a slightly higher compression ball further and with more control than a low compression ball when my swing speed is higher. I now use both the Bridgestone and Callaway Supersoft during every round. When fatigue sets in there is little difference in my distance and control with the Supersoft compared to the Bridgestone. I recommend that as a Senior Golfer you should give it a try. For the faster swing speeds I do not think you would like the Callaway Supersoft as well as the Bridgestone rxs of Callaway Chrome.

Like anything else find the ball that works for you, and stick with that ball. You will find you score improving, and the better your score the more you enjoy the game.

My personal ball of choice has changed from Bridgestone RXs, drum roll, to Titliest Pro V1.

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