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Golf Balls are as Important as Your Clubs

Our golf ball selection is one of the most important decisions we can make to improve or maintain our best game we can play. Many will say with pride “I only play what I find”. I was one. It took years of playing and working on swing techniques to find the importance of the right equipment choices.

When I realized the importance of choosing the right ball, for me, I looked at the most expensive. The expensive must be the best or they wouldn't cost so much. Plus the ball may be the selection of some of the highest raking Pro Players. An other mistake 1st I am not a Pro Player, and it is not the ball I play that makes the difference for you. Much like swing speed indicates the shaft flex, or ball selection. Swing speed is not the only answer. It helps but other factors are as if not more important.

The best choice will always be the ball that performs the best for your game. You can always read opinions from people like myself who have played a wide range of golf balls. But that will not always be the choice for you. So who do you ask a Golf shop Pro? A salesman in a golf store, such as, PGA Superstore? A playing friend? No although I would be a good choice because I will tell you the truth you need to play the ball that plays best for your game.

I have talked in prior features about the quality of BridgeStone, Titleist, Callaway and others. They all do make a quality ball. However now after many many years I have recently settled on Wilson.

The reason is simple. They like others make a high quality ball, and at affordable prices. I have tired 5 different models of their ball on the course, and on monitors that measures performance. The best choice, for me, is the Duo Spin, 2nd is the Duo. Then the 50 plays well. Still a choice based on performance.

I played in a threesome and I gave the other two a sleeve of the 50's. They both were excited, and one turned to me after the round and asked OK they play great but what is the price? $40/50 dollars?

How about $13.00. Now that will chase some away because they consider them to be to cheap to be any good. A mistake I have made in the past, but not now.

Lastly I suggested they buy a dozen balls with a sleeve of the 50's, Duo, Duo Spin. And one sleeve of Wilson Staff Duo/ Urethane cover with its groundbreaking 29 compression, the new and improved Wilson Staff DUO is the World's Softest golf ball. Designed for the Distance player seeking less spin off the tee and a soft feel around the greens, the DUO is the industry leader in low compression technology. 

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