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Golf Balls are as Important as Your Clubs, Why Bridgestone

Golfers have always looked for a golf ball that fits their swing. Of the many fine choices I have selected Bridgestone for my game. This is why:

Number one I have aged and my swing speed has dropped. Number two because of health issues my golf swing will vary on the course. The answer?

My choice was a ball made by Bridgestone. It is the B330 RX made for golfers with swing speed under 105. What about a swing speed of 95? No problem the Bridgestone golf ball is designed to accomadate with any swing speed. Simple a swing speed of under 105 Bridgestone B330RX.

Another plus, for me, is Bridgestone is "Made in the USA". While Bridgestone has manufactured certain ball models in the U.S. for years, beginning last February 1st, Bridgestone Golf transitioned manufacturing of all of its premium balls from Japan to its North America headquarters in Covington, Georgia. For me this is a good deal. At my age I have, like many other Seniors, seen manufacturing move to offshore Countries. Why? Many reason, but mostly because of "cheap" labor, and the Countires are not required to have our Tax burden, labor conditions. Nuff said, but certainly it is not that they make a better product. A big move on the part of Bridgestone, and if everything else is equal I would choose Bridgestone because of "Made in hte USA"/

As for Bridgestone everything is not equal. Brdigestone makes a high quality ball. I have played many different golf balls, and I will never say there are not other brand names that do a good job. We are lucky that we have many good golf balls to choose. However of me currently it is Bridgestone. I admit I am one club longer using Brigestone than other brand names, my drives are at least 25 yards longer, and my ball holds the line.

OK, I admit I am not a Lee Trevino, but I am a Senior Golfer just like many other Senior Golfers that love the game. Doug_Berger The years I have played I have never stopped looking for that perfect swing, best clubs, best ball, shoes, glove, the list is long. So you know how happy I was to hear that I do have something in common with Lee Trevino. What? I too found a Bridgestone ball in the weeds, and one day when I was in a hurry I reached into my bag and teed it up. (I had planned to use it as a water ball). Off the tee I notice the ball flight and launch angle seemed great, and the feel off the club face was nice and soft. I felt it was due to a better than normal swing. When I reached my ball I noticed it was the Bridgestone ball I had found in the weeds. I couldn't change balls (against the rules of golf). Well I played that ball for the entire round. There was no doubt, at that point, there was a difference. I have not looked back.

The point I am making it does NOT matter your club head speed bridgestone has delivered the answer to those of us that have a range of club head speeds. You do not have to be a Freddie Couples, Lee Trevino, or even Doug Berger to benefit from playing a Bridgestone ball.

Regardless of your game Bridgestone has a ball for you. We have provided a couple of links to guide you throught the choice of the right ball for you. Click on a link and see what is your best fit.

Click here: For your free on_line ball fitting by Bridgestone.

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