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From the Pro: Shawn Clement

Helpful Video Tips:
  • Bunker Play
  • Grip & Wrist Hinge
  • Takeaway Toss
  • Dynamic Takeway
  • RIP a Driver
  • Hybrid & Lond Irons

  • The complete & true fundamentals of golf !!

    Shawn Clement is the "ONLY" instructor that I seen that teaches in a way that anyone can understand.

    Sure just about any instructor can stand beside you and get you to strike the ball with some success, but what we all want is a golf swing that is natural to us. However what happens with us when the instructor is not with us? We try to remember, good luck with that. Shawn has put together videos that will relate to you and your game, and if you happen to forget a helpful point you can just watch it again.

    What we don't want is so many swing thoughts that the game becomes a game of frustration. Many Pro's, that we pay for lessons, do not know how to teach. However, they collect our money while conviencing us that they do. They teach you things like strong grip, weak grip, the V of your hand pointing at your shoulder, shoulder turn, arm straight, feet shoulder width, inside pressure of your knees, butt over your heels, clear your hips, hit down the rail, take away on a level plane, grip with your three fingers.... Seriously, how can you ever hit a ball, and hit it the same each time with all those thoughts cluttering your mind? Your check list will get long, very long.

    He teaches how a human body on planet Earth swings an arm-club unit towards a target while being aware that the ball and ground are in play on the way. Anatomy, Neurology, Physics, Psychology; in a language you can understand!

    Take the time to watch one or two of his instructional videos, and then make your own decision of the value. The evidence is in the video, and how easy it is for you to take his lesson to the golf course. Your game will improve, and so will your appreciation for the "Fountain of Youth".. GOLF.

    I have include one of his videos below, and links to a few more on the menu on the left side of this page.

    The reason I selected this video to introduce Shawn's lessons is because if you are like me. I have spent YEARS trying to lift (turn) my right foot at impact. All effort is frustration, and a feeling that I am just a clutz with no idea of balance.

    Don't stop here.. listen and watch a couple more videos on the left side of the page.


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