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  • Seniors: Slecting the Right Set of Irons for You:: Mizuno

    Selecting the right golf clubs for you is an involved process. We are all different and because of our differences we need help. My suggestion is like anything. The quality of help will impact the quality of the results. A friend will likely tell you what you need based on limited information, and a golf pro (much better choice) may be motivated by a relationship with a name manufacturer, or worst the markup in one selection over another. Consider the source of your information, and then use that information to put you on the path of the right clubs for you. The clubs must feel right for you and your swing. You do not want to buy clubs that you need to adjust your swing to match the clubs, but find the clubs that match "your" swing.

    What I will do is point to some equipment, and services that goes beyond what a large manufacture can do. To that point consider, if you will, the large number of people that want an edge. Equipment that is just a little better than the norm of the shelf solutions. Question: Did the Samurai go to the local sword store and buy an excellent sword that would do the job of helping him defend his position, rule the land and yes defend his life? I will answer this question for you .. NO. The same holds true of the legendary Knights of Medieval Times, The Roman Empire. Nuff examples you get the idea. We can reach the level that equipment is the key to improved scores (speaking about golf).

    I recall a question asked of Greg Norman, something like Greg what do you consider the most important part of in playing good golf? His answer was right on: To play good golf is like having a good marriage, it takes the right equipment. I never forgot that answer.

    Senior Golfer will offer suggestions and provide insight about golf equipment, lessons, and devices that will help a Senior play golf at the highest level possible. I believe the Golf industry has produced some terrific equipment. I will not speak badly about any of the many Golf Companies because they are doing the best they can to reach a broad market.

    I love the game of golf. As a Senior it gets me outdoors, and enjoying the company of other Seniors with a mutual love of golf.

    Now comes the selection of the clubs that like the sword of the Samurai must be the best that allows us to be the best we can on the course of honor. We will find many brand names in the retail outlets and local pro-shop that have professionals tellings us what is best for us. They are not misleading us but they just have not done the reseach required to find some of the better specialist. Hand crafted, which certainly takes more time to produce than the mass produced. Larger manufactures need to produce large qualities which lowers their per unit cost but scarfics the quality we pay for. Recently I have tested the Muzino irons, and I have found them a terrifc set of clubs.

    The clubs I now play are Mizuno, JPX EZ Forged Iron with the Orochi Tour shaft. The description of the clubs.

    "The use of 1025 Boron catapults the JPX EZ Forged forward with increased distance and forgiveness. With the 30% stronger 1025 Boron material, the JPX EZ Forged irons deliver a thinner face for amazing distance, while allowing the weight savings to be distributed out to the four corners to amplify the Power Frame design resulting in maximum forgiveness. The wide sole design helps to lower the sweet spot to deliver effortless flight. Moreover, the Triple Cut sole helps the player cleanly strike the ball from all types of lies. All of these advancements were achieved without sacrificing the elite feel sensation that you only get from a Grain Flow Forged Mizuno iron." This describes the technical advantages.

    My description, for me, perforamce is obvious, but just as important is "feel". I would describe the feeling of a ball off the face as "butter". Not only a great feel but I am "working" the ball much better than ever before. If interested put a set of Mizuno irons on your Father's/ Mother's Day, Brithday, Xmas, or just treat yourself. However you get them I do not think you will be disappointed. They have several models so get a fitting for the best set for "YOU"

    For More Information on the Mizuno Irons - Click Here

    Seniors: Slecting the Right Wedges :: Kronus Wedges
    How about wedges? I have found none better than "Kronus Wedges"

    .. Look at the video below of the owner founder of Kronus Wedges.\ Check out this video. Here is how quality is made.

    Traditions from Kronus Golf on Vimeo.

    Seniors: Selecting the Right Driver for You:: Fister

    Most reading my comment will quickly say I have never heard of Fister. It is not your fault Companies like Kronus (wedges) and Fister are not the bran names we hear about from the local golf shops, or media advertising. However the quality of a Fister club is different in many ways.

    Speaking of equipment one of the most important clubs in our bag is the Driver. Of the many Driver on the market the driver in my bag is “The Model 1” made by Fister.

    First of all the President/ Owner of Fister is Sean Fister. Sean competed in long drive competition. Like the Samurai he needed more out of his driver than he could find at the local golf shop.

    So what did he do? He designed a head that would give him a competitive edge over other competitors. The head he designed must not only give him added distance, but accuracy. Result?

    Sean won three World Long Drive Championships, and he is in the Long Driver Hall of Fame. Now that he no longer competes he has crafted a driver with his technology never shared with anyone. As he says My technology YOUR driver. He is so confident in his clubs performance that he will ship a driver to a customer, and if the customer does not like the driver for any reason he will take that driver back and refund the customer 100% no questions asked. As far as I know he has not had any clubs returned.

    I have spoken to a few pro-shops and retailers about them carrying this Driver. The answer is understandable. They are in the business of selling equipment not introducing a name not recognized by the customer. The customer has pretty much made up their mind as to the club they want to buy. They have either heard about the club through a friend or it is a recognized club of a playing Pro. So for the Pro to offer a suggestion may lead to a lost sale because often the customer will go elsewhere to research, in this case the “Fister”.

    This brain set is not new to me. In my younger day I was a very active Water-skier, and I wanted a good water ski. The Mariners all had a choice of bran name skis, but they lacked the ski that would help a person like myself that wanted a ski that would perform better than the off the shelf ski. I looked up the ski used by the World Champion, and found it was not available locally. I flew to a major boat show in Chicago and met the founder/ President of the Company that made the ski used by the World Champion and other ski enthusiast like myself.

    His records showed they had only sold 3 skis in the state of Texas. He allowed me to introduce the ski. I went back knowing, based on quality, all the sports retail would want to sell this ski. I was wrong. They wanted to sell, like Pro Shops, the ski asked for by their customer. In other words the customer interest drove the product they sold. Solution?

    I traveled “many” of the lakes in Texas. I would look for what I consider a good skier having a good time, and pulled up beside them when they stopped. We would have a brief conversation about the ski they were using. I would toss them a ski, tie an extra rope to their boat or mine, and we pulled up together. I would point to the area the water was breaking compared to their, and it was a short period they were skiing at a higher level. Of course they bought a ski and helped spread the word. It was not long the retail was calling me.. I sold 1,100 skis the first summer.

    I feel this method may be needed to introduce the “Model 1” made by Fister. Put it in the hands of an avid golfer and let them experience the difference of this club compared to what they were using.

    Mr Fister has been open for help. It is the effort of Senior Golfer Website to introduce equipment that can help the Senior or any Golfer the equipment that will help make the player game all that it can be.

    Mr Fister has dropped his price to $249.00 from $399.

    More information on other pages of this site.. Enjoy.

    For More Information on the Model 1 by Fister Golf and How to Order One Risk Free - Click Here

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