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Special Offer from PX3:

You May Have the Skills to Play Good Golf:: With the PX3 You have the Performance

Speaking of Enhanced Performance and the benefit to me playing golf. I belong to a Menís League, and two Senior Leagues up until I used the PX3 I most often came in last place in the Menís League. The Menís League, unlike the Senior League, play the blue tees rather than the forward tees. As a Senior with CHF, and a more limited range of motion playing from the back tees I more often than not come in dead last. Not this Saturday. This Saturday I was number 1 and won a skin on a difficult par 4. I look forward to what happens this next week when I play both Senior Leagues.. Wednesday, and Thursday.

After the round a few of the players gather around to ask me "what happened", what made the huge difference in my game. I explained the benefits of a "simple stupid" device call PX3. More distance, excellent approach shots, chipping, and putting. Now before you get the idea that the PX3 will teach you to drive the ball, knock it close to the flag, chip and putt let me say I have always had the skills, but lacked the ability to perform due to health issues and limited range of motion. My game was more in the mid 40's per nine, and now I am in the 30's a double digit difference.

A fellow player. young 54, had a heart attack and 5 days in a coma. Good news he recovered. This man "was" an excellent player and had won 11 club championships. His best score was 69. During his recuperation he did good to break 75. A week ago, we had both gotten the PX3 at the same time, he called and his voice was full of excitement he had shot a 66 from the tips. Something that he had never done in his most healthy days. Again he always had the skill, but lacked the energy to execute. He now enjoys the energy provided by his Px3.

The President/ CEO, Brad Layzell one time professional hockey player. Several concussions caused him to end his career. He has authorized me to offer ďanyĒ Golfer 10% discount, along with his words of appreciation for all golfers himself included.

Here is a link to the PX3 website that will speak more to the mouth wear, and when ordering type in the word "srgolfer" in the bonus code area to receive the discount offered. PX3 (click here)

To my fellow Seniors it is time to get off the couch and enjoy the greatest sport ... GOLF.

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